Meet the Council

President – Kerry Le-Galloudec MRNZ


I started my reflexology journey in England, gaining an ITEC Diploma in 2002. I had already completed a qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage with ITEC, but was inspired to learn reflexology when my mother turned to this natural therapy for an issue which doctors had not been able to help with. Since then I have been hooked and am always keen to learn new techniques and tips from my fellow reflexologists to be able to provide the best treatment I can for my clients.

I love that something so simple can be so powerful and the biggest benefit of all is that it is so incredibly relaxing. When we are all so busy and stressed in our lives making time and space to put it all aside and switch off is the first step to good health.

I live and practise reflexology, massage and holistic therapies in Titirangi, West Auckland and provide onsite corporate treatments in Auckland too. My business is called Footloose Reflexology. I believe that we should all be reaching for our hands and feet before we head to the medicine cabinet.

I am married with two cats!! I love walking, reading and crochet. I have a background in administration and have worked as a PA, Office Manager, and Body Corporate Account Manager.

This is my first year on Council and I have started at the top! The members of RNZ have put a lot of faith in me to lead their organisation. I hope that I can lead by example and from the front and provide support and guidance for all the Council Members in carrying out their specific roles.

Vice President and Webmaster – Nicki Lampon


I became seriously interested in reflexology because of my sinuses. Antibiotics, surgery, antihistamines, and high levels of painkillers had had little effect on chronic sinusitis, and I was often in pain. Having been dragged along to a reflexology taster class a few years before by a friend (I had no idea what it was!), and having been very impressed with the tutor who immediately picked up my ‘crunchy’ sinuses without knowing anything about me, I decided to try a proper treatment. It worked!

I trained at the London School of Reflexology and was also lucky enough to do further training in maternity and fertility reflexology, facial reflexology, hot stone reflexology, reflexology lymph drainage, and vertical reflex therapy. Living in the south-east of England had its advantages!

I love reflexology, and I’m so glad I eventually found it!

Treasurer – Astrid Andreassen


Secretary – Dorothy Derecourt


I first became interested in reflexology when in my early 20’s I was given Anne Gillanders book “The Joy of Reflexology” from a dear friend. I started practising on family and friends, (who are always brilliant guinea pigs), trying to follow the charts,then I got busy with raising my boys and did nothing further about learning reflexology. Then around 20 years later, while staying with and helping out my niece with her newborn baby, I decided to download some reflexology charts and give her a little bit of pampering by way of giving her some reflexology.

Her breast reflexes on both feet were incredibly sensitive, which was to me, much more than just a coincidence. This led to an “Oprah – A-ha” moment. I wanted to learn more about reflexology, as a way to helping family and friends. Reflexology made perfect sense to me. In 2011, I discovered Viv Bachelor’s newly formed Waikato School of Reflexology and I became her first student. I learned (among other things) that Reflexology is a wonderful way to assist others in a practical and caring way. I have learned so much from Viv, including new skills to put in my “toolbox”. Reflexology has also ignited my passion to continue to learn other modalities to build up my skill base and practice.

Last year I decided to become a professional member. This was a huge decision for me as, like a lot of us, I work full time in another job, so do not have a lot of time to dedicate to my reflexology. I am very pleased with my decision to join, as I have a lot more access to training opportunities, there is a support base through the Facebook private RNZ members page, and…. best of all… have made some lovely reflexology friends along the way.My reflexology journey continues now in being part of Reflexology New Zealand and the RNZ Council. I look forward to the journey ahead 

Membership – Annamarie Huckin


I received my Aromaflex Diploma in 2010 and my Itec Diploma in 2013 through Aromaflex Academy in Nelson. I became interested in Natural therapies after years of ill health. I believe inReflexology’s amazing ability to relax, balance and boost the body’s own natural healing abilities. I am also trained in Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy. I offer a part-time Mobile Holistic therapy service in the West Auckland Area.

I live in Titirangi with my Husband and I love walking, cycling, reading and learning new things.I look forward to welcoming all new members to Reflexology New Zealand and supporting my fellow council members.

Communications – Mandy Marsh


Who would’ve thought ………… that I would be touching someone’s feet. I didn’t. I didn’t even know what reflexology was until a few years ago. It was by chance when working in an admin office, that a colleague introduced me to it. What a lovely experience to remember. That started me on the path to Reflexology.

I studied Reflexology in 2014 at the Southern School of Reflexology in Oamaru,South Island, and gained my Diploma early 2015. To compliment my reflexology offering, I did a Certificate in Relaxation Massage in 2015 through NZCM – (N.Z. College of Massage, Auckland).Learning reflexology has opened so many other wonderful natural healing modalities such as Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Su Jok and many many more.The best thing about reflexology is that it has so many health benefits, it’s a deeply relaxing treatment that is a gift you could give to anyone.

I am also very pleased to be part of the Auckland group of Reflexologists. It’s great to be with like minded people, many with special talents, we learn, share and have fun. I am new to council, so learning and experiencing new things all the time. I have a dear friend and “partner in crime”, Bobbie Reed-Collier, whom I studied with down South in 2014. Together, we will do our best to keep the Reflexscene and E-news on the go.

Reflexscene – Bobbie Reed-Collier


I have loved having my feet rubbed since I can remember; even as a tiny wee girl I would wriggle down the end of the cot and rub my feet and go to sleep. I do it to this day.

My Husband brought me a gift voucher for reflexology, which I loved, and from that day I was hooked. Bringing up 3 children and working made life busy and as happens often to others life got in the way of study.

As the family grew and became independent I then started researching and attended an introduction class with Xanthe Ashton, and had to then learn more. I trained with my partner in comms Mandy in Oamaru with Cathy Searle of Southern Therapies School. I am now very proud to be a professional Reflexologist.

To this day I am totally hooked on this wonderful modality that cares for the body, mind and soul. I live and practice Reflexology in lovely Prebbleton Village through my business Breathe Relax Reflexology, and have meet some wonderful people.

It’s lovely to be a part of the RNZ Committee and also empowering to be with like-minded people. Join, don’t put it off, be proud to be a Professional Registered Reflexologist.

Education Coordinator – Karen Waimana


Welcome to the Education sector. My name is Karen Waimana and I will be receiving all correspondence regarding education for RNZ for this term on the Council. We now have 4 ‘Reflexology New Zealand Accredited Training Schools’ and one NZQA registered School, which is really exciting. The Education Training page details each school’s structure.

I am educator by trade, a primary school teacher for 10+ years, then after having my children I undertook training in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Healing Touch. Reflexology has been my main choice for vitality and balance for a very long time!!!

I have taught Reflexology at basic and practitioner level and was involved with the setting up of Reflexology New Zealand in 2001. A very exciting time. I remained on Council for a number of years in various roles and saw the final development of our Education Standards emerge before stepping down…… so its second time around for me coming back on board the Council!!

Over the years I have had clinics within Hastings and Napier in the Hawke’s Bay and now offer a mobile service to clients in their homes, as well as setting up a mobile clinic to ‘hit the road’, so to speak and go to the people!! I have a vision and passion for Reflexology to be accessible to everybody in some way.

Research Coordinator- Wendy James


CPD Coordinator- Cathy Searle