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Understanding Your Patients Using the 5 Elements

August 11, 2018 - August 12, 2018

Contact Liezle 022 689 9579

Email: 5elementscourse@gmail.com

Would you like to see your patients feet and understand which organ is weaker in their body?

Do you want to understand why some people have their 2nd toe longer than the first?

Would you want to understand why society’s feet are changing ? We are getting the 5th little toe with many disorders and abnormalities – more now than ever before – could it be what we are eating?

Our feet tell a story – the story of our health and wellbeing – and we as reflexologist or therapist can tell a lot about our patient by understanding their health.

I can help you understand how a weaker organ can also affect the way one thinks and even one’s outlook on life.

In this workshop I would like to teach you how to see more than just the feet – as reflexologists, the feet are our domain but essentially what we are doing is seeing the whole body.

The shape of our feet tell us all we need to know about the body. Through the feet we can assist our patient on how to take note on what their body is trying to tell them – and through regular treatments you can help  your patient reach their balance.

Having knowledge on the 5 Elements will also help you to understand or help your patient understand why they react in certain ways or why they are fearful, aggressive or just can’t make or stick to a plan/decision.


August 11, 2018
August 12, 2018