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Reflexology is a Dynamic Therapy for Preventative Healthcare

Reflexology New Zealand is a non-profit association serving its members and the public.

Reflexology is a drug free complementary therapy that offers preventative healthcare. It enhances your body’s natural healing abilities.

All reflexologists on this website are RNZ (Reflexology New Zealand) registered, fully qualified professional reflexologists. This ensures that your practitioner has satisfied important criteria in relation to professional knowledge, training and continued education, and is bound by the code of ethics and code of practice set down by Reflexology New Zealand.

Reflexology may help to:
Enhance general well-being, Reduce stress, Encourage relaxation,
Improve circulation, Clear the body of impurities, Address digestive imbalances,
Revitalize energy, Stimulate productivity, Nurture emotional well being,
Empower relationships, Pacifiy chronic pain, Rekindle creativity,
Activate conception, Enrich pregnancy

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